My research spans mathematical, quantitative and statistical finance and financial econometrics. I like to work with junior colleagues, often PhD students, in a research leader role. My papers tend to focus on new theoretical developments, usually but not always accompanied by some empirical work.

I have worked on volatility for most of my career as a finance academic, from the discrete and continuous time perspectives. Here the main financial applications that I consider are to risk management, especially to hedging options or hedging with futures and to market risk assessment.

Another on-going theme of my research is to exchange-traded products with derivative-type characteristics. I have developed high-frequency pricing and hedging models that are patented and now used by market makers on the New York Stock Exchange. More recent work in this area focusses on volatility exchange-traded products.

Trading strategies for hedge funds has been another long-standing interest. I consult quite often in this area and some of the models that I have designed have formed the basis of popular strategies in the long-short equity category, for instance:

Alexander, Carol (1999) Optimal hedging using co-integration. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society  A, 357 (1758). pp. 2039-2058.

Recently I have been working on developing new simulation models. Here the only work published to date introduces Random Orthogonal Matrix (ROM) simulation. The first of these papers is co-authored with my PhD supervisor Walter Ledermann and his grandson Daniel, who was my PhD student at the time. It was published on the centenary of Walter’s birth:

Ledermann, W., Alexander, C. and D. Ledermann (2011) ‘Random orthogonal matrix simulation’ Linear Algebra and its Applications 434, 1444-1467

Another fairly recent interest is in the area of real options and game options where I plan to publish several methodology papers in the near future. Some of my work (such as recent developments in data-snooping) remains unpublished because it is used as the basis for proprietary trading.

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Forthcoming Publications:

Alexander, C. and D. Korovilas (2013) ‘Volatility exchange-traded notes: curse or cure?’ Journal of Alternative Investments (Forthcoming)

Kaeck, A. and C. Alexander  (2013) ‘Stochastic volatility jump-diffusions for European equity index dynamics’ European Financial Management doi: 10.1111/j.1468-036X.2011.00613.x

Selection of Published Research Papers:

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Alexander, C., Lazar, E. and S. Stanescu (2013) ‘Forecasting VaR using analytic higher moments for GARCH processes’ International Review of Financial Analysis 30, 36-45

Alexander, C., Propoczuk, M. and A. Sumawong (2013) ‘The (de)merits of minimum-variance hedging: Application to the crack spread’ Energy Economics 36, 698-707

Kaeck, A. and C. Alexander (2013) ‘Continuous-time VIX dynamics: on the role of stochastic volatility of volatility’ International Review of Financial Analysis 28, 45-56

Ledermann, D. and C. Alexander (2012) ‘Further properties of random orthogonal matrix simulation’ Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 83, 56-79

Alexander, C. and J-M. Sarabia (2012) ‘Quantile uncertainty and value-at-risk’ Risk Analysis: An International Journal 32(8), 1293-1308

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Alexander, C., Cordeiro, G., Ortega, E. and J-M. Sarabia (2012) ‘Generalized beta generated distributions’ Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 56(6), 1880–1897

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Alexander, C. and E. Lazar (2006) ‘Normal mixture GARCH(1,1): applications to foreign exchange markets’ Journal of Applied Econometrics, 21:2 307-336

Selection of Books:

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Alexander, C. (2008) Market Risk Analysis, Volume I: Quantitative Methods in Finance. Wiley

Alexander, C. (2008) Market Risk Analysis, Volume II: Practical Financial Econometrics. Wiley

Alexander, C. (2008) Market Risk Analysis, Volume III: Pricing, Hedging and Trading Financial Instruments. Wiley

Alexander, C. (2008) Market Risk Analysis, Volume IV: Value at Risk Models. Wiley

Alexander, C. (2001) Market Models: A Guide to Financial Data Analysis. Wiley